About the Project

Through the project „ ICAR – Resource and service centre for Migrants ” ICAR Foundation aims to respond to the uncovered need for basic and social services among vulnerable migrants (asylum seekers, refugees, non EU-nationals etc.) an increasing group in Romania.

The expertise of the partner RTVS –Vest, Bergen through its Refugee Health and Forced Migration department will transfer Norwegian experience in this area, help to increase the quality of services provided to vulnerable migrants, and coach ICAR’s development into a national resource centre for migration and health.

Apart from direct services to more than 250 persons during the 24 months of the project, as well as through advocacy and visibility activities, the project will place on the public agenda the important topics of asylum, migration, and health, establish partnerships with relevant stakeholders, promote diversity and multiculturalism as democratic values contributing to social inclusion and tolerance. The project, focusing on migration as a social issue of high contemporary concern, will contribute to the consolidation of the Norwegian-Romanian relationships.